2023 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The Department of Tourism, Sport, Arts, Gaeltacht and Media has funded the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, to undertake an outreach programme to share the festival’s work and opportunities with other LGBT+ theatre companies at home and abroad. 
On a recent visit to Edinburgh Fringe #edfringe2023, the Festival’s Artistic Director attended the work and connected with many international companies and reviewed their work. 
Brian Merriman said ‘I decided not to review any work that did not meet a good standard, on the premise that surviving in such a large event is difficult enough without a bad review, however warranted, adding to the challenging task of making ends meet. Many companies are on their first Fringe and we wish them well, with the door to submit a work to our festival in the future always being open’.
Some of these plays may be included in our 21st anniversary programme next May in Dublin from May 6th-19th 2024. Here are the shows that impressed: