Important Information

Welcome to the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival

We wish you a safe and enjoyable attendance at the events in the programme. Please take a moment to read this notice to enhance your enjoyment of the festival.

Please do:

  • Arrive on time as most venues have free seating
  • Take notice of all fire exits
  • Turn off all mobile phones, and any other equipment with alarms
  • Avoid all hazards and any potential hazards within the venues
  • Attend more than one event in this years excellent programme!

Please do not:

  • Smoke inside any of the venues
  • Record or photograph any aspect of a performance without permission
  • Obstruct or interfere with the smooth and safe running of each event
  • Forget to fill in our audience appraisal forms!

Please note:

You have entered these premises at your own risk and the festival
regrets that it is not responsible for any loss, damage or injury to
you or your property, while attending any event associated with the
festival. Please take care of yourself and your belongings to ensure
your safe and enjoyable attendance.

Thank you for supporting the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival.