Festival Submissions

21st Annual Festival (2024)

After a very successful Festival 2023, we are now seeking submissions for Festival 2024 which runs from May 6-19 2024.

Our submissions deadline for IDGTF 2024 is 10th December 2023.  To apply fill out the two documents below and email them to us.

Any questions?  Get in touch – email info@gaytheatre.ie

Download Submission Form

  • Please read about us and our aims to see if your work broadly meets our criteria.
  • Submit your proposal along with any supporting documentation (scripts, DVDs, descriptions, marketing material, reviews etc.)
  • You must also complete the ‘Criteria for Participation’ and ‘Submission Form’ which are available to download below.

NOTE: Applications will only be accepted from Companies/Artists who forward a completed Submission Form together with a signed copy of the Criteria For Participation document.  Scripts received without Submission Forms and Criteria documents will not be considered and will be returned to sender.


Submission Documentation


Please email (info@gaytheatre.ie) or post the completed submission form and documentation to Artistic Director Brian Merriman, 179 South Circular Road, Dublin 8, Ireland

For more information on applying to the Festival, please read the ‘Criteria For Participation’ document below or contact us at info@gaytheatre.ie



Q: I submitted after the December 1 deadline.  Will my submission be rejected?

A: No, we accept submissions throughout the year.  However for submissions made before December 1 will be prioritised for the following year’s festival.  We cannot guarantee that late submissions will be considered in time for the draft programme.  Submissions made after January will likely be considered for the following calendar year.

Q: I want to submit but I missed the submissions deadline.  What can I do?

A: We will accept submissions at any time of the year, including after the deadline.  However submissions received before the deadline will get priority.  Other submissions will be considered if suitable slots exist in the draft programme.  If you are submitting late, it is strongly recommended that you send your submission as soon as possible.

Q: A Festival representative saw my show (e.g. at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe) and passed on information about IDGTF.  Does this mean that I have been formally invited?

A: No.  This means that a representative of the Festival believes your work to be of strong interest to the Festival and that we wish to stay in contact regarding possible participation.  However you should formally submit like every other candidate (ideally as soon as possible so that we can follow up) and our Artistic Director will decide on the final selection.

Q: I submitted but I haven’t got a reply.  What should I do?

A: We will reply to every submission received.  If you don’t get a reply within a reasonable time please send a follow-up email.  Note that we are very busy during the April-May period and around the submissions deadline (December & early January) which may lead to delays at this time.

Q: What should I submit?

A: In addition to the ‘Criteria for Participation’ and ‘Submission Form’ please provide as much information as possible about your production, including (where available):

  • A synopsis
  • The script
  • Recorded footage from the production (if available) or production stills (if available)
  • Assurance that you have the necessary rights to stage the work
  • Press pack / reviews / press releases and past promotional material such as poster, website etc. (where available)
  • Cast list, director/producer credits (whatever is available)

Naturally we understand that for new works in particular not all of this information will be available.  However you should follow up with additional information as soon as realistically possible.  Check the ‘Criteria for Participation’ for additional information required once you have been accepted.

Q: For reasons of grant applications and/or visa requirements I need formal proof of interest/acceptance from the Festival. Is this possible?

Yes.  Please contact our Artistic Director Brian Merriman at info@gaytheatre.ie for more.

Images / Artwork / Publicity FAQs

Q: what resolution / format should it be in?

  • since images / artwork may be used both online and in print please send us the highest possible resolution images you have
  • we will crop the images to suit the context. It is useful (but not necessary) to send us images in different sizes (e.g. portrait & landscape)
  • images can be JPG, PDF, GIF, PNG, EPS, BMP or any other common format.
  • images can be CMYK (colour format used for printing) or RGB (colour format used on websites) as long as this is clearly indicated.
  • if possible, posters should be in A3/A4 dimensions in portrait orientation.

Q: do I need to include the Festival logo?

  • all posters promoting your production at the Festival should include the Festival logo (available here in different colours).  Social media posts should at least mention the Festival (e.g. our Twitter handle)
  • we will send you a banner for the bottom of your official poster.
  • All published material involving the use of either the Festival Logo or Festival Name, must be agreed with the Festival PR team prior to any publication.
  • Images you send to us – e.g. for the brochure – don’t need to include our logo.  We can add it as needed.
  • for more see the MARKETING AND PUBLICITY section of the Criteria for Participation.

Q: which images will be used?

  • IDGTF reserve the right to use any of the images provided by you (including, for example, cropping images).  This is to accommodate different media and contexts (newsletters, media, social media etc.)
  • therefore please ensure that you give us appropriate images.  If anything is incorrect or outdated (e.g. stills from a previous run of a production), please let us know ASAP.

Q: what about copyright and permissions?

  • Please ensure that you have appropriate permissions to use and reproduce any images used in conjunction with your production.  IDGTF accept images on the understanding that you have the legal right to use and distribute the images and that that right is also granted to IDGTF.