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Box Office – Frequently Asked Questions & Support

Note: Our 2021 Festival is freely available online to stream from the afternoon of June 2021 … therefore no tickets are required.

If you find a missing or broken link or are having trouble viewing a show get in touch:


We hope to welcome you back to our theatres for 2022! (See FAQs about that below)



1. Where do I send any queries or questions about bookings or show information?

First please check the questions below. If you have further queries please email Email correspondance is checked very regularly between 9:30am and 5:30pm and less frequently outside of these hours.

Our Front of House staff at the venues will also be happy to answer any queries about the programme where possible.

2. Is there a charge for online bookings?

No. There are no additional booking fees. You will be charged exactly the amount of the ticket(s) you book.

3. I tried to enter my credit/debit card details online but they are being rejected. What do I do?

  • Please check that the expiry date you entered is correct. It should be entered as MMYY, i.e. 0419 for April 2019. 04/19 will not be accepted.
  • Please check that your name and address details exactly correspond to those on your card.
  • Please check that you selected the correct card type – e.g. VISA, LASER, Mastercard etc.
  • If the transaction still doesn’t work, please contact and we will assist you as soon as possible.

4. I want to book multiple tickets for one or more shows. Do I have to do a seperate booking for each?

No. You can add multiple tickets to your ‘cart’ and pay in a single transaction for one or multiple shows. Simply select the relevant tickets and when you are ready click on ‘My Cart’. To pay for the tickets follow the link from your cart for ‘proceed to checkout’.

5. I want to reserve tickets for a particular show but I do not have a credit/LASER card. What do I do?

Again, email and, subject to availability we will ask the Front of House staff to hold tickets at the door before the show.

Generally if you arrive at a venue 20-30 minutes before a performance you should not have a problem getting tickets at the door. If a show is sold out in advance this will be posted on our home-page.

6. I booked tickets by accident for a particular show, what do I do?

Please email and we will try, where possible, to amend your booking (subject to availability). We strongly recommend that you contact the Box Office about any corrections at least 12 hours before the performance time.

Note that we cannot issue refunds. However we will always strive to accommodate your requests where possible.

7. I booked tickets but was late/could not attend the performance. What do I do?

Unfortunately we cannot issue refunds if you do not attend a performance that you booked. Late-comers will be admitted to shows where possible but this is completely at the discretion of the Front of House staff at each venue.

8. I booked online but forgot to bring my booking reference to the venue. What happens?

You must bring your booking email with you to the relevant performance. We will also accept your name and booking reference number as proof of purchase.

Note: audience members sometimes book for an incorrect date or performance. Please double-check your booking details before you arrive at the venue (and see Question 4 above).

9. I am interested in making a group-booking for a show. How do I arrange this?

Please email to discuss. Naturally any requests are subject to availability.

10. Do you offer group discounts?

Depending on the size of the group and the availability of tickets we may offer a group discount. Again please contact us with all relevant details to discuss further.

11. I wish to arrange ‘complimentary tickets’. How do I do this?

Complimentary tickets should be pre-arranged by emailing We offer complimentary tickets at our discretion, subject to availability. You should state all relevant information, including the organisation that you are representing or reason for your request. We ask you to try to contact us as early as possible in advance of the performance.


Our Front of House staff are trained volunteers who are freely giving their time to the Festival. They will always try to accommodate any requests or problems you have. For requests that cannot be dealt with at the venue please email the Box Office between 9:30am and 5:30pm and we will try to assist you.