2024 Bursaries

New Bursaries

We are committed to enabling Irish writers and companies to stage their works with us and this year, thanks to the strong box office returns enabled by the Department of Arts funding, we are allocating a further THREE THOUSAND EUROS in Bursaries for Irish companies to join in our 21st celebrations.

The Edmund Lynch Bursaries

Ed Lynch was a fearless pioneer advocate and archivist of Irish LGBT life. He was a lifetime supporter of the Festival. His recent passing prompts us to create a new drama bursary this year. We will present a cash bursary to an Irish play dealing with any LGBT+ rights issue, historical story or untold/lesser-known personal stories of LGBT+ life in Ireland up to the present.

The Paul O Grady Comedy Bursary

The Irish are a great laugh and no matter how challenging the times, the greatest and most powerful response from our community has always been laughter. It is high time we had a new Irish LGBT+ comedy. In honour of the passing of comedian Paul O Grady (Lily Savage). Son of a County Roscommon father and his Mother’s people were from Louth, a special bursary is named in his honour for a new Irish comedy play to be staged in the 21st Festival.

21st Birthday New Writing Bursaries

Have you a play and a company to produce it? We will offer some bursaries to Irish companies wanting to present new or existing works with an Irish or resident cast. Works by Irish or resident writers are welcome with a particular welcome for under-represented voices in our very diverse community.

The Criteria