Otto and Astrid’s Joint Solo Project

Original Showing: Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Review By: Brian Merriman

Piccolo Theatre at Assembly, Georges Square, Edinburgh
Time 7.25pm
Duration: 60 minutes

‘Otto and Astrid’ are a Prince and Princess of art rock and the two halves of Berlin’s ‘Die Roten Punkte’. This is an hour of great fun and original rock music. Tormented, orphaned siblings are determined to pursue solo careers, but due to ‘logistical challenges’ must do their own solo shows, on the same stage. 

The sibling rivalry goes back to childhood and this childhood theme drives the comic plot that is peppered with rock songs for the entire show. You learn to sing along about kittens, snacks and do not go home until you hear “Party Explosion”.

It is pure alternative pantomime at times, dividing the audience, encouraging partisan responses and many wonderful slapstick comic turns. Behind that deliberate froth, is super talent. Otto looks like an overly made-up Michael Jackson and Astrid is a woman not to be messed with. They rock and they rock with a repertoire of original songs, so well played and delivered. 

The quest for reconciliation between these orphaned siblings sees demarcation, isolation, mess and excellent musicianship. Astrid really rocks the drums and Otto is a multi-talented guitarist, both of whom give their all, to send home an audience of all ages rocking and rolling and wanting more...a lot more.