Diana: the Untold and Untrue Story

Original Showing: Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Review By: Brian Merriman

Pleasance Dome
Time: 4.30pm
Duration 60 minutes
Produced by Awkward Productions and Linus Karp (Diana)
Additional roles by Geri Allen (‘The Queen’) and Joseph Martin (‘Prince Charles’). 

‘Diana’ is a romp through recent history and through all royal conventions. ‘Diana’ (Linus Karp), is guaranteed to be as you've never seen her before. She re-visits us from eternal life to tell her (untrue) side of the story that has gripped recent generations. 

‘Diana’ is irreverent, and it takes no prisoners in its presentation of the UK's Royal Family. This slick comic presentation of distorted facts has ‘Diana’ as the goodie and truly vilifies ‘Camilla’ in a violently handled puppet. 

The heavily audience participation show is really well constructed and delivered by surprisingly talented members of the packed audience. Nothing escapes the acerbic pen of these sharp comic observers. 

We are spun through early childhood, courtship, the Royals, divorce, the gays and landmines. With well-tuned audio visuals from a supporting royal cast, and fine-tuned audio-visual prompts for the audience roles, it's a slick and entertaining comic tour de force. 

A post show tweet appealed for a person who could sew, to put the stuffing back into the ‘Camilla’ puppet, as she certainly was thrown around a lot, to the glee of the partisan audience. 

Touring this autumn and probably not for the royalists this ‘Diana’ story certainly gets a right royal treatment!  Great fun.