Original Showing: Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Review By: Brian Merriman

Gilded Balloon Teviot Place
Time: 13.50
Duration: 60 minutes

There is an old music hall song ‘Nobody Loves a Fairy When She’s 40! It does not apply at all to this clever, enchanting and thoroughly entertaining piece of solo theatre, deserving bigger audiences, at the Gilded Balloon. 

Written and performed by Celeste Lecense, this original story, appropriate for adults and the ocassional child who tags along. Our very own fairy assures us that fairies have been around for centuries, just more hidden in the past, but you will see them, if you listen first. In today’s world, their capacity for the magic of hope is needed more than ever, so visibility is now not only possible, but essential according to our winged narrator. 

There are autobiographical episodes about young ‘Jim’, political points on climate change and the need to be different. A constant reassurance that change is possible, if we wish it together. Most of all, we are assured of a renewed belief in fairies, at a time when adults need to believe in something real to counter current toxicity. 

Kevin Hourigan’s fluid direction embraces the flawless storytelling of the charming License, who ensures every member of the audience is comfortable, charmed and capable of magic. 

Poof! Is an enchanting story for the modern day, sent in modern times, that relies on our inner fairy, elf, witch or wizard to free the potential for change within us all. The episodes and transformations are well crafted and beautifully performed by a skilled artist, so at home with an audience of all ages.

This enchanting story has such an all-round appeal. It is a wonderful meeting of the child within the adult, of reality and optimistic fantasy. Poof! is full of hope, fun, singing and joy – exactly what we all need more of today. Well worth seeing.