Four Felons And A Funeral

Original Showing: Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Review By: Brian Merriman

Pleasance Upstairs
Time: 14.45
Duration: 60 minutes
Produced by GOYA Theatre Company.
Starring Rua Barron, Jordan Broatch, Gabrielle Friedman and Maddy Maguire.
Written by Sam Woof (Director) and Math Roberts (Musical Director).

Playing to a packed house, ‘Four Felons And A Funeral’ is as good a musical as it is a comedy. And it is really good. With a strong contemporary score, we meet our 4 'Felons' as they kidnap their friend 'Charlie' to ensure his wishes are carried out. 

With slapstick simplicity, the panic that ensues by being chased by Charlie's Dad is hilarious. They flee to Dublin in Lola – a Fiat Punto, where even more comic contemporary obstacles thwart them leaving Charlie's wishes as confused as their ill thought out 'plan'. 

With great songs by Sam Woolf (Director) and Math Roberts (Musical Director) , the Four characters all go on their own journey of loss, love, identity, relationships and a more mature friendship. Does Charlie's Dad catch them? Does Charlie have the last laugh? Will you ever drink a pint of Guinness again? 

No, we do though as this uplifting, well directed, beautifully scored queer musical reels us in for a quality hour of original musical theatre. Bravo to the energetic and vocally soaring cast. Really good fun.  Winner of the Musical Theatre Review’s 2022 Special Award.