Annual Table Quiz - Feb 22 2024

Win Amazing Signed Lgbt Books

Donate $5/€3.75 or more and enter our draw to win signed works by the world’s finest LGBT writers.  Donors of $10/€7.40 or more will receive 3 tickets to the draw.

The draw will be held at our New York Benefit Fundraiser on March 22nd but is open to all contributers in Ireland, the US or elsewhere.

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donatate and enter >>>

The range of works available to win so far include:

  • a signed copy of “Lives of the Circus Animals” by Christopher Bram
  • a signed copy of the literary magazine “At Rise” with a one-act play by Robert Patrick (RARE!)
  • a signed copy of the award-winning graphic novel “Fun Home” byAlison Bechdel
  • signed copies of “Niagara Falls” and “Questa” by Victor Bumbalo
  • a signed copy of the “Hairspray” coffee table book by Tony-award winning author Mark O’Donnell
  • a signed copy of the “Corpus Christi” program from the fine folks at108 Productions
  • a signed copy of the script of “Corpus Christi” from Tony-award winning playwright Terrence McNally
  • From Doric Wilson: A copy of has masterwork Street Theatersigned with a DVD of the Eagle production; a copy of Now She Dances! signed plus a preface not included in the publication; a copy of the original 1980 publication of Forever After signed

with many more to follow… see Kathleen Warnock’s event blog here:

We would like to thank all of the writers who have generously donated items and to our US Festival Ambassador Kathleen Warnock for compiling such an amazing selection.


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