The War Wounded

Run Dates
1 May 2023
-6 May 2023
Daily Time
75 Minutes
Matinee Options
1 May 2023, 4:00 PM
6 May 2023, 4:00 PM
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About The War Wounded

A routine film junket goes awry when an actress, just nominated for an Oscar, encounters a bitter, previously “cancelled” Pulitzer prize winning war journalist, now 'reduced' to showbiz writing. What ensues is a sharp, darkly comic exploration of some of the most hot button issues currently animating the internet, and what happens when discourse on gender, on sex, on fame and privilege gets dragged into the harsh light of the real world. 

A world premiere by the Dublin author of the PPI award winning 'The Shepherd', and the novels 'The Runts of the Litter' and 'Love nor Lack of Love'. 

'The War Wounded' was awarded an IDGTF Bursary in 2022. Produced by Pale Blue Theatre.

Company: Pale Blue Theatre
Cast: Liath Hannon – Sophia John Lawler – Kevin Helen McGrath – Anthea Crew Director – Mo O’Connell Writer/Producer – Garret Baker Stage Manager – Laura Mallett

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