The Knightly Quest

Run Dates
6 May 2024
-11 May 2024
Daily Time
75 Minutes
Matinee Options
6 May 2024, 4:00 PM
11 May 2024, 4:00 PM

About The Knightly Quest

A gay vampire escapes from an American police state in a getaway spaceship in this very unusual story by renowned gay playwright, Tennessee Williams. An epicene man named ‘Gewinner Pearce’ returns to the small American city he was raised in. In his absence, the town has been taken over by ‘The Project’, an industrial plant guarded by barbed wire and dogs. Is ‘The Project’ developing a weapon capable of destroying the Earth? After a sensational world premiere at last year’s Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theatre Festival, this tour-de-force one-person play by one of South Africa’s leading actors, comes to Dublin for its European debut.

Company: Abrahamse & Meyer Productions
Written by Tennessee Williams adapted for the stage, from Tennessee Williams’ novella, ‘The Knightly Quest’ by Fred Abrahamse (Director) and Marcel Meyer (actor). Presented by the multi-award winning Abrahamse & Meyer Productions, Cape Town, South Africa.
South Africa

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