The Heterosexuals

Run Dates
8 May 2023
-13 May 2023
Daily Time
60 Minutes
Matinee Options
13 May 2023, 2:30 PM

About The Heterosexuals

Toronto’s  Johnnie Walker presents the international debut of his newest solo show: a deep-dive into the shocking world of Heterosexuality. THEY WALK AMONG US! But where did they come from? And what do they think they’re wearing? 

To find out, Johnnie must go deep undercover and pose as one of their own! 

Combining elements of storytelling, satire, and deep personal humiliation, 'The Heterosexuals' is here to spill the T on what The Queers really think about The Straights.

"A bonafide charmer!" Toronto Star

“The top of Canada’s queer theatre class!” Xtra

“A deft performer with brilliant comedic timing!” Uptown Magazine

Company: Johnnie Walker
“The Heterosexuals Written & Performed by Johnnie Walker Genre: Comedy”

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