Run Dates
6 May 2024
-11 May 2024
Daily Time
55 Minutes
Matinee Options
6 May 2024, 4:00 PM
11 May 2024, 4:00 PM

About Pre-Ops

In Pre-Ops, audiences join Fiachra, and Helen, who meet for the first time in the confines of a maternity hospital as they await hysterectomy. Through their conversation tensions erupt, biases are exposed and moments of rare connection are felt while the play’s candid perspective on transphobia, personal identity, and healthcare maintains a wry approach throughout.
Combining traditional theatrical constructs like the two-hander, with challenging subject matter, Pre-Ops explores uncomfortable decisions we make, and aspects of gender transition and womanhood often ignored by mainstream media narratives.

This production has been awarded an IDGTF Bursary.

Writer/Director: Ezra Maloney Producer: Méabh Hennelly Actors TBC

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