La Carn (Flesh)

Run Dates
8 May 2023
-13 May 2023
Daily Time
60 Minutes
Matinee Options
13 May 2023, 2:30 PM

About La Carn (Flesh)

Cia Lluís Garau from Spain presents 'La Carn' (Flesh) - a dance theatre piece born from the need to represent the body both in the physical sense and online. 

Ferran has convinced everyone that he makes a living as a gaymer,but in reality he makes sexual videos and video calls. 

The young protagonist travels poetically with his own body, where he reveals his wounds and the abstract form of his madness. The piece has two audiences, the face-to-face that comes from curiosity about the play and the Chatroulette audience, who is there as a voyeur. It shows the generational gap between parents and children in technology and how young people use these resources, sometimes against ourselves. 

La Carn is a gateway to a young man's intimacy, which puts a price on his own body.

Written and Performed by Lluis Garau. 18+ strobe lighting, nudity. 

Company: Cia Lluís Garau
Written and Performed by Lluis Garau.

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