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Happily Ever Poofter

Run Dates
8 May 2023
until 13 May 2023
Daily Time
60 Minutes
Matinee Options
13 May 2023, 2:30 PM
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About Happily Ever Poofter

"Once upon a time in a kingdom far away, there lived a dashing prince who just happened to be gay. He tried dating Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, but deep down in his heart, something didnt feel quite right". 

Follow Prince Henry, the only gay in the Kingdom of Far Far Away, on his royal adventure to find true love… because if Disney won’t write a gay love story, we’ll just have to write it ourselves!

'Poofter' thrilled audiences at London Pride, Manchester Pride and The King's Head Theatre London. 

Written and performed by RICH WATKINS, this one-man musical parody featuring re-imagined fairy-tale classics such as “One Day My Prince Will Cum”, “High Ho”, “O, I’ve Just Come Out To The King” and “Let It Show” – this is the must see LGBTQ theatrical event of the year.

The show, as you know, had a sold out run at Edinburgh Fringe, has been picked up for Adelaide & Prague Fringes as a result and has received ★★★★★ reviews in London. It has delighted audiences here in London for the past six months, so we are now keen to bring the show to audiences in other cities across the UK.

Company: Rich Watkins
Written and Performed by Rich Watkins.

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