Run Dates
6 May 2024
-11 May 2024
Daily Time
75 Minutes
Matinee Options
6 May 2024, 4:00 PM
11 May 2024, 4:00 PM

About GC… AF

‘GC…AF’ is a scathing satire of the so-called Gender Critical movement, involving a calamitous zoom call (live on stage), 8 brittle egos, surreal logical leaps and the reductive thinking of a group of the most deranged culture war fanatics. The arguments are bang up to date with writer, Garret Baker’s razor-sharp discourse on the gender ‘ideology debate’ that crams our social media daily. We begin with 8 initialed ‘anonymous’ identities from ‘GC’ to ‘AF’. How many will last the course? From the writer of 2023’s award winning IDGTF play The War Wounded, as well as the novel The Runts of the Litter.

Company: Garret Baker
Michelle Costello (JM) Jemma Curran (UT) Jessica Irwin (DG) Tanja Karita (HG) Sarah Noll (SP) Linda O’Flaherty (BB) Benny Redmond (GQ) Linda Ryan (AK)

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