Double Bill: In Vitro & Babies and Bathwater

Run Dates
6 May 2024
-11 May 2024
Daily Time
70 Minutes
Matinee Options
6 May 2024, 2:30 PM
11 May 2024, 2:30 PM
Double Bill 1

About Double Bill: In Vitro & Babies and Bathwater

2 plays for the price of 1 ticket!

About In Vitro

Lily and Sam’, a lesbian couple in Dublin want to start a family. But there are financial imbalances, deciding who is the perfect donor, housing concerns and a sperm counseling session that doesn’t go as planned! Both women begin to see that going through the IVF process together in Ireland isn’t as easy as they had originally thought. ‘In Vitro’ is a heartfelt, funny, impactful play that explores a same-sex couple’s journey to parenthood in today’s Ireland.

Produced by: Sarah Wiley Directed by Katie O’Halloran Starring: Lorna Fox as ‘Sam’ Hannah Clancy as ‘Lily’ Natasha Lynch as ‘Maureen’ A new Irish play by Aoife O’Connor

About Babies in Bathwater

How do you leave when everything you know is telling you to stay? And why would you want to? ‘Evelyn’ is the perfect 1950s housewife. But she’s suing ‘Him’ in Court for the most epic divorce imaginable! Heightened language and witty humour evoke rural Australia, ancient myth, and 21st -century religious trauma. After a short version won the ‘Sean Meehan Identity Award’ for its portrayal of religious abuse, ‘Babies and Bathwater’ returns to Dublin in a powerful, brand-new extended version.

“An ending I guarantee you won’t see coming” IDGTF

Age 15+

Director: Emily Louizou Writer/’Evelyn’: Amy Garner Buchanan ‘Jess/Thalia/Marguerite’: Jessica Munna.

Ireland & Austria

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