Angel on Eros

Run Dates
8 May 2023
-13 May 2023
Daily Time
65 Minutes
Matinee Options
13 May 2023, 4:00 PM
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About Angel on Eros

A gay Hispanic painter and a younger married restaurant owner develop a friendship as they search for an escape from their present circumstances. The two men are then forced to face the unexpected consequences of their wishes and desires.  

Angel on Eros explores the friendship between two men of differing sexual orientation and offers a view into the transactional nature of human interplay. Framed inside the business of the arts, this play journeys into a world of human sexuality and self-discovery, as it probes into the erotic truth of a queer artist’s work.  

Contains NUDITY. Awarded an IDGTF Bursary.

Company: Ricardo Melendez
Written by Ricardo Melendez Cast Angel- Ricardo Melendez Matt- Brexdyn LaDieu

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