Week One Reviews – Oh, Good Grief!

“Oh, Good Grief!” The Ireland Institute, 27 Pearse Street at 7.30pm. Is there any reason to want to go to see a show about suicide and death? Yes, and the main reason is Laura Lavelle. 

Burlesque comedian Lavelle goes solo from her regular ‘Wild Geeze’ work in a one woman stand up theatrical piece. She is a fine storyteller with an instant rapport with the audience. She puts us at ease with humour, politics, being direct and positive. 

The plotline campaigns for better mental health services, kindness and the biggest Opposition party (subtly). Her accent somewhat defies her Limerick origins but her anecdotes are as global as they are local and relevant. 

In a sultry mix of seduction and stories, Lavelle beguiles her audience as she talks us through difficult subjects with a charm, a winning smile and some razor-sharp humour. Add to that a song or two and an hour on a topic you might not flock to, flies by ina warm, soothing, sexy and throughly entertaining solo performance. 

Lavelle owns the stage, her body, her politics and her music. She engages, pulls no punches and brings us with her on a journey we thought we would never. Her sister and Mum are not the only ones who left there proud to know them. 


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