Week One Reviews – Daddy

Daddy (and his boys) DV8 runs until Saturday at 7.30pm.  Matinee saturday only 2.30pm

This high energy Australian romp is full of bare cheeks and bare cheekiness! Under the stewardship of our handsome guide for the one-hour romp, is a scantily clad, muscle mad ‘Daddy’ (Brent Thorpe) whose eloquence defies the explicit subject matter. In fact, the narrative is both intelligent and informative, it’s the lyrics of the rap songs that will certainly make you blush and perhaps never look ata menu ion the same way again! 

Daddy Thorpe makes no apologies. Why should he? He is entirely comfortable in his own skin and we see a lot of it. He is aided and abetted by the perfect casting of Patrick Phillips and Jack Mitch who appealingly cover the younger generation from twink to baby otter, while revelling in this story of being gay at any age. 

Thorpe has done his research and generously credits many iconic contemporary authors. He brings us back to a time when the power of our anarchy was in our language. ‘Camp’ was an all-encompassing ‘pronoun’ used to communicate and conceal in any mainstream conversation. “Everyone was a “she” he proclaims, as he regales us with the forgotten riotous humour that sustained the gay community from real offence over the centuries. It is not allowed now by the more sensitised generations insist that the most powerful element of our artillery of defiance is being rendered redundant. 

There are anecdotes of inter-generational relationships, parties and pills, and growing old disgracefully. There is high energy, an audience embrace through dance, much skin on view and a performance that shocks, entertains and informs at a level that defies the insisted norms of today. The replacement of defiance by offence, in a community that used be free to speak, feel and behave as it wanted to, is a sore reminder of what we have lost from the much tougher times, when we could all speak freely to learn, educate, defy and enjoy ourselves. “Daddy” leads the charge back to that freedom with aplomb, fun and his beautiful boys. You won’t forget it or them. 


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