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Festival Review 2019: The Little Pink Book of Masculinity / The Measure of a Man

FESTIVAL REVIEW: Little Pink Book of Masculinity/Measure of A Man, Ireland Institute

A picnic of masculinity stories from the UK and Australia are a perfect matching treat in this double bill of story-telling.

John Best kicks off the night with a high camp insight into being oneself. It’s warm, funny, gentle and liberating.The smooth narrative is close to stand-up with observations to send-up, exploring experiences of the masc/fem continuum that makes or breaks dating on the gay scene.He has some great tips from his ‘little pink book’ that advise and answer through wit and wisdom. John Best is a happy boy in his skin. Gavin Roach isn’t so happy. His 40 minute tour of ‘performance’ management resonates with many and entertains all. He can’t get it up and can’t keep a guy, because this seems to be the key issue at the heart of relationships. Gavin is sweet, appealing,and defines himself by virtue of his prowess… or lack of it. He lacks confidence in bed and out of it. Gavin has charm,a big soft heart and a warm and witty story to tell. At the end of the evening you certainly get the measure of the man and what a generous measure that is!


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