Festival Review 2019: Bingo


Bingo performed and written by Alan Flanagan introduces us to a character called Cormac who gets his test results one day to discover he has indeed got a ‘full house’.

Its an emotional tale of sexual flashbacks, family fun and tragedy, a myriad of casual friendships that big cities produce, and an addiction to speed. Flanagan’s sparkling script captures the diversity of city life,gay encounters, special needs assistance, religion, and an
eccentric family life. The interpolation of television is masterful. The quirky subject changing is so cohesively delivered that it all flows seemlessly. Flanagan engages his audience from the outset with an incredible skill to weave you onto his wavelength, so you always get his point and he has many to make. Cormac evokes empathy and laughter with a twinkle of an eye. It is an intelligent, informative, humourous and sparkling story, gloriously delivered,which must stand out as one of the finest solo performances ever seen in the festival. The audience jumped to their feet the night I attended. Cancel something important to see it – you’ll be glad you did!


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