Date/Time: 14 May @ 16:00 (Matinees); 9-14 May @ 21:00 (Evenings);
Venue: THE TEACHERS CLUB (MAIN) Category: Drama


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It starts as all good stories do: boy meets boy.  But then boy meets end, leaving a huge void and a lot of time to fill before the curtain call… 
When Mico loses the love of his life to motor neurone disease, he should begin the slow process of grieving, but instead he does the next best thing: he punches a hole in the universe and travels to parallel worlds, all in the hope of getting his husband back.

Join Mico and James (and a million other Jameses) as they tell you their story of life, death and trying to find decent sausage rolls in a universe that never invented Greggs.

The Silver Bell is a new play about love and loss. It explores the place of care in intimate relationships, and asks what happens when all the time in the universe isn’t enough.

“Alan Flanagan’s story-telling is rich, strange and brutal” – The Reviews Hub “Dan Hutton is one of our most promising young directors” – Time Out “O’Rourke is an absolute genius” – Everything Theatre

Written by: Alan Flanagan (Hollyoaks) Starring: Alan Flanagan (‘Mico’) and Brendan O’Rourke (‘James’)
Directed by: Dan Hutton (Barrel Organ and The Yard Theatre associate) Movement Director: Sacha Plaige

DURATION: 60 minutes




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