Date/Time: 7 May @ 12:30 (Matinees); 2 May @ 16:00 (Matinees); 2-7 May @ 19:30 (Evenings);
Venue: PLAYERS THEATRE @ TRINITY COLLEGE   Category: Adult Drama


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Curiosity is a tale of female seduction and healing by the No.1 bestselling author Amanda Brunker.

Amy has recently learnt her husband was cheating on her, with other men. After years of feeling isolated within her marriage, this reality hits her hard and her mental health is suffering.

Heading to Sunset Meadow Health Farm was to be her escape from hatred and self-loathing. Instead an aggressive dose of the winter vomiting bug sweeps the complex leaving her and the other wellness seekers, “abandoned in our shitty rooms to literally shit ourselves into next week!”

There she meets force of nature Martha who manages to seduce her, and ultimately help heal her broken heart and soul.

‘Curiosity’ contains some strong language, and adult content throughout.


Praise for Curiosity and Amanda Brunker:
“Amanda has a lovely way of writing” – Jilly Cooper.
“Funny, poignant and honest. Curiosity deals with bisexuality in a very sensitive manner” – Sunday World.

BY novelist and playwright Amanda Brunker.STARRING Fair City’s Sorcha Furlong and Annette Flynn.

DURATION: 65 minutes


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