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Date/Time: 14 May(19:30) 15 May(19:30) 16 May(19:30) 17 May(19:30) 18 May(19:30) 19 May(14:30,19:30)
Venue: THE TEACHERS CLUB (MAIN)    Category: Drama

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The Second Miracle

Set in contemporary Dublin. Cardinal Newman, founder of UCD awaits his second miracle to be confirmed as Saint of the Catholic Church. On the eve of another Papal visit, Aunt Mary makes a shocking discovery about the Cardinal and his devoted companion.

Written & Directed by Brian Merriman

The Off Switch

A young man born in a time where it was better to ‘switch off’ than to hope for a relationship, considers what would LGBT rights campaigner Mark Ashton and his contemporaries make of this modern gay world they campaigned to liberate?

Written & Directed by Brian Merriman.  Starring Shane English

DURATION: 60mins




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