Date/Time: 18 May @ 14:30; 13-18 May @ 19:30;
Venue: THE TEACHERS CLUB (STUDIO) Category: Drama

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What’s hotter than the devil’s backside? A priest on Grindr.

3 young apprentices in a seminary find themselves tried, tired and tested as each struggle with their own path to salvation. Jack, Ian and Harry are all put to the test in where they fit in with the church and all search for answers in very different and conflicting ways. Brotherhood isn’t easy… especially when your sexuality keeps getting in the way.

A comedic tragedy based on a real life scandal from emerging playwright David Donovan and short film director Kate Haley.

Written by David Donovan. Directed by Kate Haley.

Cast: Brian Briggs as Jack, Kit Geraghty as Ian, Conor Molloy as Harry, Antoinette Conroy as Mother.

Lighting Design by Shane Gill. Sound Design by Leo Wolstenholme. Graphic by Finn Melvin Caird.

DURATION: 70 mins


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