Date/Time: 6,11 May @ 16:00; 6-11 May @ 21:00;
Venue: THE TEACHERS CLUB (STUDIO) Category: Drama

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A double-bill of plays about being young and gay in a world that doesn’t understand you.

A Southern Fairytale

A coming-of-age/coming out drama about a gay Christian living in the Deep South

Based on true events, A Southern Fairytale artfully illuminates the challenges facing a young, gay Christian growing up in the Deep South. As we accompany the protagonist through multiple journeys into and out of the closet, the audience emotionally connects with the very real impacts of conversion therapy, excommunication, and a father who believes that a demon has possessed his son.

Written and performed with deep passion and the insight only gained through personal experience, Autry skillfully explores the trauma of rejection by those we love. As family and friends impose extreme measures to reshape him to fit their ideal, the young man is left isolated and alone. Will he ever thrive – or even just simply survive – if he chooses to live as he was born? Is happiness possible when the only faith you have ever known, not to mention everyone you love, demands that you are wrong and living a life of sin?

Written and performed by: Ty Autry / Directed By: David L. Carson


The Number

Imagine being eighteen, being in college, travelling abroad and falling in love for the first time. Imagine then that your love was a crime… Set in modern day Ireland, the narrator of ‘The Number’ looks back with humour on his teenaged self – the fear, loneliness and hope he felt, and that day in 1993 when being gay was no longer a crime.

Written and performed by: Simon Murphy

TOTAL DURATION: 70 mins (No interval)


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