Week Two Reviews – And They Were Roommates

Continuing a night of theatrical contrast, Yannis Didaskalou’s ‘And They Were Roommates’ is a wonderful fast-moving blend of mythology and contemporary lives in a clever treatment of lesbian love and the common gender experience of same sex devotion. 

We meet female versions of ‘Achilles and ‘Patroclus’, with a plethora of Greek Gods and a backdrop of the Trojan War and prophecies thrown in, in a high energy performance that intrigued, impressed and educated. Our heroic couple are ‘Fania’ in a powerful performance by Fani Polyxeni, beautifully contrasted by her lover ‘Katerina’ Katerina Sotiriou, and a ‘Museum Curator/Hector’ Kourtido Vlachogianni,  . 

The physicality of the piece, the use of the location and even the management of the strobe lighting by the Director/lighting designer, assured us we were in very competent hands. It’ clever story told with passion, intimacy and relevance. The cast hurled the plot from the stage with energy, excellent English and a Greek uninhibited zest for love, challenge and truth. 

A most unusual lesbian story, drawing parallels with Greek warrior heroes and their love life, that resonated and drew some of the most sustained applause heard in the Festival in years. 


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